About us

At IKON, it means achieving real business results that allow you to renovate, and not just maintain, your operations. Our IT services, business solutions, and outsourcing bring you a level of assurance that no other competitor can match. You'll experience requirements that are met on-time, within budget, and with high quality; greater efficiency and receptiveness to your business; and the ability to shift investment to premeditated initiatives rather than tactical functions. Every initiative, every partnership and above all our project implementation levels are built around being the best. Our best has been achieved from the start - a  beginning from where continuous progress has made us the technology partner of choice for rising, recognized and emerging businesses.

Saibal Dasgupta

Education is a cornerstone of the new humanism that I am advocating. It is a universal vision rooted in a profound respect for human dignity, fundamental rights and the diversity of cultures. We share a human condition, we share a planet –– we are connected and dependent on each other whether from close or far. Because of this, I have a natural responsibility to actively look out and care for my fellow human being. From this perspective, education is about personal and mutual

enrichment and the promotion of social justice. It is about breaking down social and cultural barriers and endowing every individual with the knowledge, respect and confidence to be engaged in their families, communities and nations as responsible citizens. Modern technology is providing a broad foundation for a revolution in higher education worldwide.

The advent of the Internet and other information technologies can make teaching and research readily available to scholars and students across the globe. We at IKON combine formal education with high-end technologies to cater the needs for all.


Our Mission

IKON is focused on creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships. Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued success. We foster an environment to instill these values in every facet of our organization. • Customer first • Good corporate citizenship • Professionalism • Commitment to quality • Dignity of the individual

Our Vision

Our growth is the plagiaristic of the growth of each one of us. It is the duty of each one of us to promote and give energetic effect to the morals, motives and ideas we state here • Quality and Complete Computer and Management Education. • Quality Software & Services on the latest state - of - the - art technology. • Create vast job opportunities both Nationally & Globally.